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Local legends tell of many intrepid pioneers risking all in the descent of Mill Hill in a variety of home built contraptions. 2016 saw all that go official for the first time in "Brake for the Border", a daring dash off the last hill in England towards the River Wye and the Welsh land of dragons!

Brockweir Soapbox Derby will take place on Saturday 16th September 2023 in the form of a time trial for non-power assisted karts down Mill Hill in Brockweir. It begins at the Mackenzie Hall and finishes towards the bottom of the hill by the Brockweir Country Inn. The run will be timed by event marshals. The organisers will conduct the event in accordance with all relevant statutory requirements.

The Organisers 

Brockweir CIC was established in 2016 by local residents. We are a Community Interest Company and all proceeds from our events will be put back into the area.

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