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the rules

General Terms


All adult entrants must pay £50 entry fee.

All junior entrants must raise £25 entry fee.

All proceeds will go to Brockweir Community Interest Company for future events.


All drivers for the adult class must be 16 or over

All drivers for the junior class must be over 10


Every cart should get at least 2 runs down the course

Each class must receive at least 5 valid entries otherwise the class will not run. Refunds will be made should this occur.


The categories (so far) include:

• Fastest - Adult

• Fastest - Junior

• Creativity and Showmanship

• Champagne Moment

• Best Build

• Overall Winner!


General Conditions of Entry


Adult drivers must complete and sign the appropriate entry form in all sections.


Drivers under 18 must complete the Driver Consent Form and have their parent/guardian

countersign it as part of the entry process. They must also complete a Medical Declaration at the end of the form.


Brockweir CIC / Soapbox Derby organising committee’s interpretation of the written rules and regulations shall be binding on the participant and the competition under their jurisdiction. The organisers have the right to refuse entry or withdraw entry of any Cart or driver in their total discretion.


A Cart may only be entered in one class.


Each Cart may only have one driver. 


A driver may only enter once in a class and may not enter more than one class.


Carts to be made available by 8am at the latest on the day of entry for rule and safety checks. Please arrive early, as if it’s busy we may start checks earlier to get everyone through.


No changes to the Cart, apart from repairs, will be allowed after the rules and safety check i.e the addition of extra weights etc.


All Carts and drivers must pass the specification and safety checks to be able to compete and the scrutineer’s and event organiser’s decisions are final. Should a cart be deemed safe, but not comply with all mandatory rules (in bold below), the cart may be permitted to race, but not enter the competitions.


Each Cart must be checked prior to every run so ensure you are with your cart before you run to facilitate this.


Running order will be given on race day, subject to the above.


Attendance at the pre-race Competitor Safety Briefing is compulsory. (This takes approx 30mins and will take place prior to the race commencing on the day).


No alcohol or illegal substances shall be consumed by any participants. Failure to adhere to this Rule will lead to automatic disqualification and entry fee will NOT be refunded.


Cart Specifications - Mandatory

  • 4 wheeled carts only

  • Wheels securely fitted without friction fit or split pin.

  • All 4 wheels contact the road in normal running

  • Good brakes at least 2 wheels on the same axle - not rubbing on tyres or road surface

  • Must be able to operate brake without taking any hand off the steering

  • Brakes will be checked on our 20 degree slope with scrutineer pushing the cart to check

  • Seat securely attached to cart, driver to remain seated at all times and harness fitted

  • Driver to face direction of travel, feet first and both feet and legs unable to leave cart in normal running(sides and floor panel on the cart)

  • Roll bar substantial and stop the driver making contact with the road if the cart rolled over.

  • Steering, levers and the cart in general should be designed so not to cause injury to both the driver and pedestrians.

  • Suitable steering controlled by hands - rope/string operated is not acceptable.

  • Gravity powered only, no motors/pedals/aids of any kind

  • Tow eye on the front and rear so we can tow up for 2nd run

  • Driver must wear protective clothing including motorcycle helmet and gloves

  • No pyrotechnics may be used

Cart Specifications - Recommended

Maximum length - 2500mm measured from most extreme points

Maximum width - 1500mm measured from outside to outside.

Maximum weight (Adult) - 100kg + driver.

Maximum weight (Junior) - 60kg + driver

Minimum ground clearance – 70mm


Bodywork and controls must not impede the driver in exiting the vehicle unaided and any doors or hatches required for driver access should be easily opened from either side without the use of tools.

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