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16th September 2023


BROCKWEIR SOAPBOX DERBY 2023 ANNOUNCEMENT It is with regret that Brockweir CIC organisers must announce the cancellation of the Brockweir Soapbox Derby 2023 Event which was due to take place on 16 September 2023. We began planning for the 2023 event in January 2023 and were assured by our insurers that they were very confident that Insurance would be able to be put in place for this year, they had seen a relaxation of the stipulations of underwrites from previous Covid years and we therefore proceeded to plan the event on the basis that we were happy this wouldn’t create an issue for us this year. However, as the months have passed the broker became less confident on being able to secure the insurance for us but continued to approach different underwriters in the hope of being able to proceed with this. As a committee we also approached other insurance providers and unfortunately have received the same message. Our provider was still looking at options for us today but given how close we are to the event date we have had to make the decision as organisers to cancel the event. In light of the above and all of the efforts of the committee and our insurance provider to obtain insurance for us for the past 2 years for this event, we have sadly come to the conclusion that the Brockweir Soapbox Derby event has come to a close and there will not be another event of this kind organised by us. We would like to use this as an opportunity to get your input for other events you would like to see the Brockweir CIC organise within the community, in addition to the existing events we already run and we really welcome your ideas. We want to ensure we continue running events that appeal to all members of our community and all ideas are welcomed. Please feel free to contact any of the committee members either using the email address above, by attending one of the CIC/Mac Hall bar nights or by speaking to one of the committee members: Adam Sinfield Dave Peacey Keith Orchard Rachel Davies Tom Slater

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